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The Management and Faculty are in the process of shaping the JCIT in to an Institute of Excellence. The model of excellence that has been identified for the JCIT includes the four dimensions elabo-rated below:


*Relevance to the  needs of students,industry and other major stakeholders in all its academic activities   and pursuits.


*Seeking cost effectiveness and high quality in the  key areas of institutional performance.


*Ensuring both internal and external efficiency in  its operation.


*Becoming pro-active and influencing in its linkages with related others like industry,the technical education   fraternity and among social service agencies.


*A vision and road-map for accomplishment the vision have been evolved and are under implementation.


A variety of good practices adopted by the institution. The attempt at incorporating for excellence,implemented a substantial number of innov-ative steps in shaping its students for corporate and professional careers.Apart from the mainstream of curriculam activity.The devel-poment of students through live projects,value addition courses,and inclusive educa-tion in spoken and written English and training in industry is a complementary pursuit of significance . What is being sought is a comprehensive and whole-some development of stude-nts. To ensure institional impact,the establishment of training placement Cell, providing it with a meaingful role and designating a Task Group to implement associated endeavour is an ongoing initiative. The JCIT is moving forward in its pursuit for excellence at a brisk pace.It is also attemping to establish a unique and differentiated indentiy for itself.

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