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SIFT CAMPUS, Near 2nd Bridge, 3rd Floor, Samdariya Complex.3 South Civil Lines, Jabalpur(M.P.)


Telephone                : 0761-4019243

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The courses provide facilities of very specialized kind to develop high quality computer professionals in the wide area of computer. Besides academic the courses also aim at the all round development of the personality linked with skills and general expertise required in proposed area of working for the graduates of the faculty. It aims at enabling the learning to quality, skills for the graduates of the faculty. It aims at enabling the learning to quality, skills, knowledge, value and attitude of very high standards and noble causes.


The college is working with the objective to provide facility of University computer courses which had become popular in the past couple of years.


The college keeps vigilant eye on the quality of education provided. Conduct of examination and award of degrees in solely done by the University for the students registered.




Computer applications being practical and professional orientation course students are expected to complete all the programmes, practical, term works, assignments, project works, class tests, viva voce, seminars as per the scheduled instructions. Unsatisfactory performance detain the student from appearing in the University examination. All the students are required to maintain at least 75% attendance in all the theory and practical etc. Insufficient attendance may disqualify the student from appearing in the specific examination of the subject or the entire examination of the semester.




1. Is of a very high standard and futuristic.

2. Takes into account the contemporary trends and is updated regularly.

3. Is based on the needs of the learners and end-users of computer.

4. Takes into account the demands of the time, the nation and the region.

5. Is organically linked and leads to objectives laid down.

6. Pays adequate attention to the three domains cognitive, affective and connective i.e. develops intellectually, provides knowledge and information, develops necessary skill for the profession and inculcates appropriate habits, values and attitude.

7. Has a balance between the need of wider exposure  and the demands of specialization

8. Has a proper between practical learning and theoretical inputs.                                 

9. Has practical orientation. User organizations have special role to keep the curriculum firmly linked to the realities of field situation and the users requirement. This will give guarantee for excellence in applications, intellectual and academic area. The project works are to be carried out by students on real life problems.


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